The farmstead

Viibemaa is our beautiful 1,8 hectare plot in the forest in a little village called Vahva, which in Estonian means something like funny, brave or motivated. The name Viibemaa correlates with the translation 'land of slowing down'. Here we cultivate attention for beauty, functionality and productivity in accordance with natural systems design and guided by the permaculture principles.


Some of the things we take into practice:


Natural building

For us no overuse of cement, but rather we love te find creative ways to work with the materials available to us in our local area. Timber comes from our own land, clay plaster comes from the hole where we are digging a pond. Inspiration for building comes from traditions known to the area, mixed with things we've learned when we were travelling and volunteering on other farmsteads. 

Here on the island there is plenty of stones, timber, clay and reed to work with.


Wattle & daub passive solar greenhouse

A permaculture-inspired landscape

- A no-dig garden

- Rainwater harvesting systems

- Off-grid energy systems

-Stacking functions, multiple functions for each space/building

-Holistic grazing


Garden in process