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Woodcut print 'The Lovers'.

This new woodcut print is called 'The Lovers', and at it's core it's a celebration of life. This couple in the picture are expecting a baby to join their family and they are resting together in the afternoon sun in the dome greenhouse. There is cosy bed in the middle and the cat is relaxing with them. Inside the greenhouse tomatoes and sweet peppers are growing abundantly. 
In the outside world though, there is lots of movement from a flock of crows flying around the apple trees. They are pecking and stealing nature's bounty. The chickens below the trees are helping to clean up the pieces that are falling down. It's this cycle of giving and taking that is an everyday reality in a homesteaders life, and I see reflected all around me.

This print is printed by hand on a 220gr Hahnemuhle paper, that has a warm undertone. There is a white border of 3,5 cm around the 67cm x 67cm image.

In limited edition of 30 pieces.
Signed and numbered by the artist.

The Fruit Thieves

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