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This handmade woodcut print is called 'Estonian sauna' and is made in a round format. It resembles the Estonians favourite ritual. This image is based on a real place I once was, deep in the forest, in a giant wooden sauna tipi during midsummer festival in Estonia. It was dusk all night long, and the landscape surrounding us was truly enchanting, with rivers, old logbuildings and people singing everywhere. It made a big impression on me.

Inside the sauna all kind of interactions are happening. Young, old, female, and male are all equally present in this space. 
This image is printed on a quality paper , in a warm white. 

These prints have their own unique touches and personality due to the handmade process involved. This can give small differences and some 'woodcutnoise' , wich is inherent to the nature of printmaking.  This makes each print very unique. (which I like) I print them by hand (no press used) , so I have more control and interaction with the image I make during the process. 

All woodcut prints are signed and numbered by the artist. 

Estonian Sauna

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