Building up a permaculture

farmstead from scratch 

Cultivating beauty & regenerative living 

on the Estonian island Saaremaa

Welcome to Viibemaa


A permaculture farmstead amidst the forest

Viibemaa is a farmstead nestled amongst the forest at the west coast of the island Saaremaa in Estonia. Since the autumn of 2020 Laura & Jonas work together here to create a productive, beautiful and well-designed landscape that provides food and shelter

for the family and a surplus of cut-flowers for the local community.

Cultivating beauty & sharing the journey

Besides the farmstead we are passionate about creating arts & crafts. Laura is a printmaker & designs images inspired by mythology and nature connection. She sells her work via her Etsy webshop. Jonas wants to develop his blacksmith skills and build a little traditional smithy on our land. Our journey is captured through our youtube-channel, on which we regularly post stories of our life here on the island and the progress on the farmstead.

Stewards of the land Laura & Jonas


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