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The unfolding story of our off-grid homestead

nestled in the forest

A place where we cultivate beauty & food,

produce arts & crafts

& share our journey with you 

Welcome to Viibemaa, The Land of Slow Living


The story of a young couple developing an off-grid homestead nestled in the forest of Estonia

Hi there! Our names are Laura & Jonas, stewards of a land called Viibemaa, on the Estonian island Saaremaa. We moved to this place in the year 2020 and have since then put all our creativity and energy towards turning it into a resilient small -holding. A place that nurtures a slower rythm for living, stimulates growth and skill-building and is a physical expression of our dreamhome, and a resting place for guests.

We love to share the  journey and our learning process with you!

Setting up a homestead from scratch comes with many challenges. In our newsletter and via our homestead video's we share the things we learn here. We bring together our fascination for ecological design and natural building. We're tending to a big garden and have introduced different animals in our landscape. In the spring of 2022 we finally opened our little forest cabin for guests! At the same time we want to create the place and time for honing our passions for printmaking (Laura) and wood & metal crafting (Jonas). Come along as we discuss our succeses , creations and failures with you!

Stewards of the land Laura & Jonas


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